GuruVw : A Free Video Conferencing tool for education & training

New Delhi: “ is in line with government efforts for work or learning from home. It will be a valuable (yet free) tool for teachers, counsellors, students and businesses’ to work or learn from home by real-time sharing of Video (HD), audio, slides, chats and screens. GuruVw is kept free during this lockdown period. It is our small contribution to society during circuit breaker or lockdown measures to help being productive, while saving our near and dear ones,'' said Vikas Gupta, Founder of Singapore

Importance of this software can be understood from the fact the Ministry of Electronics, Govt of India, has put a contest for software development with similar features and has announced an award of One crore rupees and a budget of about Rs 2.4 crore is allocated for this. Life has come to standstill due to Coronavirus. Everyone is in Circuit breaker or lockdown position in most of the world. Be it the students in a school or  employees in offices, everyone is stuck at home. While it is important to be in lockdown, but still few things still need to remain connected.

GuruVw helps the teachers to connect to students for a class or online sessions. Meetings can be of unlimited duration and with an unlimited number of users. It has a polling system to engage students to see their responses. It also has the ability to zoom, highlight, draw and write on presentations making your point clearer to remote students. It can record your lectures, which they can see later or review as per needs. 

GuruVw has a feature of breakout rooms, where one class can be split into different groups to assign different projects. Students can painlessly discuss and view with not just audio and webcam, but with documents and videos allowing virtual markers to be used on the documents. These virtual markers can be given to students during the class. When using the virtual marker, annotations are automatically displayed back to the students in real-time.

Students get the “Fun Factor” also by being engaged through sharing of emoji icons, whispering or passing notes to other students, cross presentations and voicing out during the lessons as though they were in the class itself. Students can also be given the opportunity to present their discussions to the class painlessly and show their worksheets  to facilitate the session like a real class.

GuruVw can also help with companies, associations, management committee to conduct meetings or Annual General Meetings (AGM) to stream, discuss and vote from home or any other support or discussions. One of the important actions to be used in this is a polling facility where members can vote by poll remotely to approve and reject a motion. can be effectively used as a counselling tool also as many people may get mentally sick or under depression due to isolation or confinement in homes, which they have never been in life. Staying 24 hours in home for weeks may cause many mental issues with people. GuruVw can be effectively used by counsellors and psychologists.

GuruVw can also be used effectively by health practitioners to save lives by giving tele consultations or advice for the wellbeing of the public. It will mitigate fear from doctors as well as patients, who may be carriers of the virus unknowingly. Users can connect and login using a simple link which is accessible on any platform.

Why was this even created, when there are already few products? “Imagine explaining linear equations, geometrical constructions or even how to write a language. It is currently not easy. Teachers end up creating complex powerpoint presentations, which take a lot of time to create and when there is a slight change in the equation they may not be able to show that. Our solution allows the lesson to stay fluid and interactive by letting the teachers and students draw, talk, stream and discuss the problems seamlessly,” said Vikas Gupta.

GuruVw meetings are running on secure servers, using popular security protocols like TLS, HTTPS, Checksum, secret keys, SRTP and DTLS. It has a password system also, which is unique for each meeting. Beside that various permissions like sharing file/ screen/ video user can be allowed/ rejected to avoid misuse/ abuse. Moderators can be appointed to overlook meetings like class monitors. Only pre allowed or known guests can be allowed.

Vikas Gupta, a young entrepreneur of Indian origin, living in Singapore, is into developing innovative software solutions. His GPS tracking software has been adopted by many leading fleet operators and MNC’s in Singapore for many years. Iamtreked’s IT solutions have been recognized by the Singapore Government and are qualified for Government (PSG) grants.


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